ASG involved in campus activities for students

The blood drive is only one of the events sponsored by Saddleback College’s ASG. (Lariat archives/Joseph Espiritu)

Courtney Hunter

The Associated Student Government is responsible for Saddleback College’s main events and activities and actively involving themselves in student life.

Blood drives, club fairs, homecoming and campus-wide barbecues are just a few of the events ASG helps to plan and participate in. They also involve themselves with campus-wide committees like the President’s Council and the Budget Committee.

Participating in ASG provides valuable skills, said ASG President Melissa Fenerci.

“ASG also provides an excellent opportunity to have a voice in policy making on campus,” said Fenerci.

Policy involvement includes representing students in their clubs and committees all over campus.

“There is a strong correlation between student involvement and academic achievement,” Fenerci said. “Leadership and communication skills are both must-haves in the current job market.”

“Not only is it going to look amazing on your college application,” said ASG member Joseph Hassine, 18, sociology, “you will meet up with a lot of people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Hassine was on his high school’s ASG and loved it so much he decided to join Saddleback’s ASG program.

“I’ve only been on it a month and it’s already improved my leadership skills,” Hassine said.

A blood drive was Saddleback’s most recent event, and while Hassine did not participate, he said ASG Vice President Brent Talmer did a great job. The event was very successful, even more so when compared with last year.

“We’ve been hosting the blood drive for as long as I’ve been here,” said Talmer. “We did everything except the draining of blood. ASG managed the room reservations, the food donations, event publicity and more.”

To be eligible to become part of ASG, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of five class units and have a 2.0 grade point average. Check with the Student Development Office if you are a potential member.

The procedure for joining includes being elected in the spring, turning in applications, joining or starting a club, or volunteering for campus events. Attending Diversity Student Council meetings is another way to join up with ASG, which hold regular meetings on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.

ASG Events Cabinet and the Student Senate hold meetings in SSC 211 and the ASG Inter Club Council hold their meetings in SSC 212. For more information about ASG events, go to

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