ASG gets creative for up coming events including Club Rush

Steven Jung

The Associated Student Government finished organizing their events for the upcoming months.

According to Asal Bahrami, the ASG will provide bagels for the first day of the blood drive on the Feb. 19. Paradise foods will be served on Feb. 20.

For the sex health awareness day, during awareness week, the events cabinet thought about handing out condoms to students with facts attached to them.

“We should probably hand out the condoms,” Shayan Akhaven said. “In past when we have offered food on a table the students still seemed too shy to come to us. If we hand them out, then they will be more likely to take it.”

The cabinet will also have a speaker to inform students about LGBT,  according to Iman Moujtahed. Moujtahed also explained that the speaker will be a showing slideshow.

Others brought up the idea of a talent show for the non-profits day. The cabinet planned to have the try outs for the show from Mar. 5 to Mar. 7, and inform all the groups of who can compete by Mar. 11.

There was also discussion about club rush on Feb. 13. One idea they are going with is a speed dating activity. According to Yasamin Enshaeian, there should be a romantic feel to it, by having decorations such as candles. Moujtahed even had an idea of having a small booth for both men and women to dress up a little.

“We could have a booth that can give women some fake jewelry to wear,” Moujtahed said. “Guys can have a booth handing out fake ties or clip-ons, or something like that.”

The cabinet also suggested having a hugging booth for people. The idea was so inspiring, that Cristian Herrera and Akhaven started a hugging session as the cabinet began hugging each other.

The senate also had to go over possible ideas of what to do with the extra funding if they are ever under budget at an event.

One idea Audra DiPadova came up with was possibly funding graduating students by using their left over funds to start buying caps and gowns for students. According to DiPadova some students feel it is a waste to spend $45 on a cap and gown they will only wear once.

Shireen Ebrahim agreed with Dipadova in “encouraging other students to attend graduation.”

“Students that are graduating should encourage other students, as well as their friends to go,” DiPadova said.

The senate then split up into two groups; one for discussing senior day and the other for talking about up coming elections of ASG.

The cabinet also quickly discussed the “Coaches Vs. Cancer” basketball game coming up on Feb. 20. It’s $5 for admission and all the money raised is given to the American Cancer Society.

The senate dealt with business of the “Professor of the Year” award. According to Chelsea Goossens, the due date for these applications is Feb. 25 at 5 p.m.

“The students can find these applications on the student development center and ASG websites,” Gossens explained.

Goossens went into further detail, including the rules. The applicant cannot be a current instructor; that professor must be from a previous semester. The professor can also be either full-time or part-time, so if a student feels a past instructor deserves the award, then that student can nominate that him or her.


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