ASG continues discussion of upcoming events

Steven Jung

Associated Student Government held its first official meeting of the semester today. Topics discussed included upcoming events such as the blood drive, awareness week, the LRC open house, club rush, and ASG recruitment.

Some ideas brought up for Awareness Week were a drag show, facts posted around school, and a guest speaker for Sexual Health Awareness Day.

Shay Sharp even had some ideas for non-profit events, such as a talent show for example. Each group participating in the talent show would represent a non-profit organization and people would make donations to that particular cause.

For the Domestic Abuse Awareness Day some club members suggested having men wear high-heeled shoes and running a race called “Walk in her shoes.”

For the dedication of the new LRC building to the public, ASG will be helping set up an open house on Feb. 28th.

There is another event coming up on Feb. 13th, club rush. “One idea is there will be ice cream and each club will have a different topping for the students. In order to get the toppings; students will have to go around to the table that has the topping they want, seeing just what that club is about while they get their toppings,” Nina Alavi said.

The ASG Senate discussed further how they can recruit new members and their duties overall. Shireen Ebrahim said, “It’s the senate’s job to nominate who we think should be teacher of the year at our school.”

Some ideas for recruiting included going to the high schools themselves and finding students on ASB or those interested in ASG. They are also considering recruiting possible candidates on senior day. Regardless, according to the senate a new spot has recently opened up, which has invoked this necessary movement by ASG for further recruitment.

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