Art Exhibition

Best of Show (Courtesy of Bob Rickerson)

Monserrath Rodriguez

Professor of Art 100 visual Display/exhibition Design, Bob Rickerson, assembled the annual Student Art exhibition of 2010. With the help of a student to prepare the gallery space, the gallery displayed 88 works of students.

Rickerson shares through an email, “Everybody who comes in the gallery is amazed! They can’t believe it’s students work.”

Drawings, paintings, ceramics, printmaking, graphics, jewelry, sculpture, photography and mixed media of art were displayed where students and the community was able to admire the work of Saddleback students, open from April 26 – May 12.

For the first time, Saddleback students were allowed to vote on the first week, 303 works of art were entered from art students at Saddleback.
Rickerson expressed his experience while hosting such art show, “My favorite comment was from a student named Luciano Ciangura who was walking around, wide eyed, and said ‘Who needs MOCA?”’

MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

The Art gallery also displayed two pieces of work to honor the loss of two people from the sculpture department, made by Carla Clark and Ralph Bengis, along with a photo of the two.

Upon submittal, a fee of $5 was charged with a limit of six pieces. The work of all the submittals were revised by full and part time art instructors from Saddleback, which brought the works of art to 88.

The winners were announced with categories of “Overall Best of the Show,” and first and second places of several categories, watercolors, printmaking, etc.

The money collected from the entrance fees will be awarded to with winners. In addition, “They also receive a very nice certificate with their names on it,” said Rickerson through an email. He continued, “Something they would be proud to frame and put up on their wall for all to see.”

“Best of Show” were awarded with $500, first place winners $100 and second place winners $50.

Winners were announced yesterday during the arts end of the year reception, Marie-Pierre Philippe “New York’s Visit” was awarded “Best of Show.”




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