Anime Club to host pokemon scavenger hunt

Steven Jung

The anime club will be holding a Pokemon Snap event Monday from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the quad.

The set up will begin around 3:30 p.m. According to President Marisa Albert. The game will be based on who can take the best picture. Since it’s on April 1, Albert had the idea of taking non-pokemon items and if a contestant takes a picture of something that is not a pokemon, then  they will lose points.

“We will try to follow the riles as best as we can,” Albert said.

The event will be based on the video game, and since the game takes place in a cart of some kind, the club felt it would be too much effort to haul several people around in a wagon. They want contestants to feel free to roam around to look for pokemon.

The club will have a path set up to go around the quad area. Albert said that the club will literally be all over the place in the quad; from the coffee cart near the Business/General Studies building to the Student Services Center.

Some might also dress up as team rocket characters for the event as well. “Be prepared in costume, if you want to wear a costume,” Albert said.

The pokemon being photographed, will be plush toy versions of the pokemon. Some will be hidden throughout the course, as well as volunteers holding them in their hands or on their head. The point is to try and take a picture of a moving pokemon for the event.

Albert said, “We are still looking for volunteers to participate as pokemon instead of contestants.”

The contestants will have around 15 minutes to take the best shot they can find of both hidden and moving pokemon. Some of the prizes will be some pokemon plushes as well as pokemon figurines.

The scavenger hunt will be taking place to try and get publicity for the pokemon tournament , that the anime club plans for late April.

The tournament will start in the student lounge, and the club is trying to work with the cafeteria in order to provide free pizza and drinks.

The club is not just about activities at the school. According to Albert, they have “taken trips to little Tokyo in L.A.” They also help each other get ready for costume play (cosplay), if some members are going to the cosplay event that occasionally comes to southern California.

The club allows students to discover different kinds of anime, as well as have fun by making activities that are related to anime, inclding the scavenger hunt.

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