An inside look at the lawsuit against SOCCCD


Lariat Staff

A lawsuit has been filed against the South Orange County Community College District for holding official prayers during public ceremonies.

In the case, Westphal v. Wagner, plaintiff Karla Westphal, mathematics instructor at Saddleback College filed a suit against Don Wagner, president of SOCCCD board.

Other plaintiffs involved in the case include Saddleback and IVC instructors: Alannah Rosenberg, Margot Lovett, Claire Cesareo-Silvais and Roy Bauer. Former Saddleback student Ashley Mockett as well as two current students who are remaining anonymous are involved.

The defendants are: Donald P. Wagner, SOCCD Board President; John S. Williams, Board Vice President; Thomas A. Fuentes, Board Clerk; Raghu P. Mathur, District Chancellor; and Tod A. Burnett, President of Saddleback College.

Some words with the plantiffs: Karla Westphal

Some words with the plaintiffs: Ashley Mockett

What the AU says:

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