Ali Syed struggled with classes while at Saddleback

Ali Syed, 20, killed three people and injured several early Tuesday morning before killing himself (AP Photo/ Tustin Police Department )

Angie L. Pineda, Kristine Martinez, Michael Grennell, Valery Fregoso,

According to college transcripts obtained by the Lariat, Ali Syed, 20, the man behind a 75 minute killing rampage on Tuesday morning, appeared to have struggled with his grades since enrolling at Saddleback College in fall of 2010. 

During Syed’s first semester at Saddleback he was enrolled in ECON 2: Principals of Macroeconomics, GEOG 1: Physical Geography, and HIST 5: World History from 1750. He failed all three of his classes.

His grades did not improve during the rest of his time at Saddleback. Syed only finished two classes with a grade higher than a “F” out of the 11 classes he enrolled in. After failing HIST4: World HIstory to 1750 in Spring of 2011, Syed retook the class the following fall, and passed it with a “B” grade. It took Syed three attempts at Physical Geography, before he finally passed with a “C” grade in Spring 2012. 

The majority of classes that Syed enrolled in at Saddleback were either in the Geography Department or the History Department. He also took two psychology classes, an astronomy class, and an economics class during his three years at Saddleback. His cumulative total GPA going into this semester was 0.62. 

However, according to Syed’s professor, Eugene Evancoe, he was excelling in his Computer Maintenance and Repair class. Syed’s transcripts reveal that it was the only computer course on record since he began going to Saddleback College.

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