Committee meets to discuss upcoming Halloween carnival

Steven Jung

The Events Cabinet met Thursday to discuss details regarding the carnival coming Oct. 31.

Asal Bahrami brought in several plastic pumpkin pals.

“We can fill these up with candy and make them the mega prizes,” Bahrami said.

They have also supplied costumes for a photo booth that will be there as well. The cabinet also found actual holiday toilet paper for Halloween in particular. The toilet paper has a ghost face on it which will be used in the ghost toss booth. Students will toss a mini pumpkin and try to knock the toilet paper down, similar to a ball knocking down bottles.

There will also be face painting, a football toss and a whip cream pie contest

Christian Herrera brought in pie tins and gummy worms. Students will receive a pie tin filled with whip crème and have to dig through the whip crème with their face to find the gummy worm.

Of their total $1,000 budget for the semester, $300  was given to IVC for their own event. The cabinet managed to spend a grand total of $283.66 out of their $700 budget. “We are really under our spending budget,” Bahrami said.

The cabinet agreed that in order to make the carnival better for students they would need to spend a little more money on both decorations for the event and pie tins for the whip crème contest.

One of the reasons they managed to due this was recycling. The photo booth they used for homecoming is the same one for the carnival, but the cabinet is providing costumes for students who want their pictures taken. They want the event to still relate to Halloween.

The cabinet also spoke about the turkey drive which starts soon on Nov. 1. The cabinet has divided into six teams. On the weekend of November 10 and 11, the cabinet will be out front of Pavilions in Ladera Ranch.

They have organized it so on Saturday teams one, four and three will be there from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and teams two, five, and six will be there at the same time but on Sunday instead.

Audra DiPadova, Director of Student Development also had an idea, “We could have divisions compete in the turkey drive for prizes. The senators will need to tell the deans when the turkey drive is so the divisions can gather canned food from teachers and students alike.

In order to better organize of what items have been collected or how many; the cabinet will be storing the food in the supply room and will have a chart of what is needed and what is already there.

The Events Cabinet has organized the drive quickly and is already asking stores if they can solicit areas in front of the businesses.


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