3.5-cent gasoline tax just passed

Gas prices around Mission Viejo March 2013 (Shirley Smith)

Shirley Smith

According to the Board of Equalization website, California just passed a 3.5-cent gasoline excise tax to begin this summer. Assembly Bill x 8 6, chapter 11 and Senate Bill 70, chapter 9 to be implemented this summer.

This excise tax brings the total California tax package to 70.6-cents on every gallon of gasoline. Jul. 1, 2013 California will be the highest gasoline tax state, replacing New York as current leader (American Petroleum Institute).

“It’s just ridiculous,” Deanna Valle, child development said. “It’s hard. I think sometimes I need to get a smaller car, just to go places. I don’t drive my car often, except to school and to work. That’s all I can really afford now. Not to go out. I was filling up my gas today and it was just amazing how much it’s gone up. If it goes up, I’ll have to ride a bike.”

Automobile Association of America (AAA) reports that gasoline has risen by 46 cents per gallon since the first of the year. The national average by the end of February was $3.29 per gallon. But in South Orange County we pay from $4.25 to $4.37 per gallon at the time of this writing.

“No matter how high they go, people will pay regardless,” Kelcui Mclean, 20, accounting said. “There’s a small percentage that will probably start walking or maybe start biking, but for the most part I don’t think there’s much you can do if you live a few miles away from school and work. You have to drive. We just gotta deal with it.”

AAA explains that maintenance and upgrades of refineries along with some unexplained and unexpected issues have slowed production. Then they are switching to the summer blend, which costs more to produce.

“The national average price of gas has increased in March for nine years in a row,” Michael Green, manager of public relations AAA reported.

“Gasoline prices affects me financially.” Joshua Squirrell, 21, undecided said. “I started walking more, riding my bike, taking the bus.”

A few tips from gasolinecreditcards.com:

  • Fill up at the right time. Filling your tank in the early morning or late evening will ensure that you are putting more liquid gas and fewer vapors into your car.
  • Compare prices. Pay attention to prices, but don’t drive across town just  to save a few cents.
  • Fill up at a quarter tank. Don’t wait until the gas gauge hits empty before you fill up.
  • Change your oil. Getting your oil changed regularly keeps your car in shape and reduces the amount of gas it uses. Change your oil every 5,000 miles unless you live in a hot climate, then every 3,000 miles.
  • Change spark plugs. Ditch the old spark plugs and get your car set up with new ones to improve the performance of your car.


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Gas prices around Mission Viejo March 2013 (Shirley Smith)

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