10 winners split $3,800 prize from 10th annual Academic Triathlon

Students begin the testing at the 10th annual Math, Science, and Engineering Academic Triathlon (Michael Grennell)

Michael Grennell

The 10th Annual Math, Science, and Engineering Academic Triathalon saw 10 winners split almost $4,000.

Students met in the Science and Math building on Friday afternoon to compete in the 10th annual Academic Triathalon sponsored by the Math, Science, and Engineering Division.

The competitors had three hours to complete the 250 question test, with subjects ranging from math to anatomy to computer sciences. The top scorers would each receive a portion of the $3,800 the department received from the ASG.

Kacie Smith, 22, physics major, was one of seven winners to receive $300 from the competition. Smith said that when she first walked in, she didn’t think she would win anything.

“I actually thought I was going to embarrass myself,” Smith said. “I haven’t taken any biology classes, or astronomy, or geology, or anything that was on that test except math, physics, and chemistry, and so I guessed on almost everything. I was totally surprised when I got the email saying I won.”

Now that she is $300 richer, Smith says she isn’t planning on spending her winnings soon. “I just applied for transfer, so I am saving everything I make,” Smith said. She is hoping to get accepted to either University of California, Berkeley or University of California, San Diego, and after she transfers she plans to double major in biology along with physics.

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