Veteran: James Frohlich

Steven Jung

The Tuesday before President’s Day, a marine veteran took his own life.

According to Kyle Sanacore, the senator for veterans on ASG, this is the second time an incident like this has occurred this school year.

“James didn’t show any signs that led towards what happened,” Mike Frohlich said. Mike, James’ cousin told the Lariat that the Frohlich family is very tight and close. James was a marine corp. vet, who had served five years of active duty. James left behind a three-year-old son as well as three very close cousins.

According to Mike, all four close cousins, James being one of them, all grew up in San Clemente and attended San Clemente High. He was seen by Mike as funny, outgoing, vibrant and confident. When the family had learned of what happened they were devastated.

Mike explained that James signed up for duty around June 2007; he was 18 back then, and Mike was 19. Mike stated he loved what he was doing in the military.

Mike had joined the army a few months before James enlisted. “I think since I had already joined it was an easier decision for James,” Frohlich said.

James was stationed in Yuma, Arizona. Mike was unsure what James’ role was exactly, but he worked as an aircraft mechanic. James always seemed passionate about aviation, and didn’t seemed depressed.

“James always seemed smart, and received a very high test score when he took the ASVAB exam,” Frohlich said. Mike did not go in the same direction, because he was studying the role of combat medic.

After his service, James went back to school. He did not seek a degree in aviation however, but a degree in accounting. Mike stated that after James’ service in the military, he probably felt he was done with that experience and wanted to try something completely different.

“I think his interests in aviation, while he was in the military, were just a hobby,” Frohlich said.

The veteran’s office is on the Saddleback campus, and have the support of the other vets. The office can be a way of showing the vets have someone to turn to if they ever to need someone to talk to.

For info on the Saddleback vets go to:

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