Try salsa dancing, get hooked


Ashley Reyes

As the clock strikes 9 p.m. on Tuesday night, it’s time for Saddleback’s Salsa Club to bring some Latin flavor to PE 103.

Saddleback salsa starts off with the very basics making it easy for anyone to jump in and join. The small classes offer one-on-one training with the instructor, followed by a large freestyle dance with all the participants.
“We encourage people who have never danced before to come!” said Vanessa Klink, 20, current salsa instructor.
Salsa club has a total of four instructors who switch off including Mario Huaracha,  Sarah Santoyo, Vanessa Klink and Cutis Allen.
Huaracha adds that Salsa club is a great place to socialize and meet people, he highly encourages people to come check out the club!
“The biggest excuse we get from people is ‘I can’t dance!’ but just come give it a try!” urges Klink.
Klink added that they get a lot of new members and also returning members, newcomers mostly hear about the salsa club by word of mouth, friends telling each other to come.
“It’s totally a cool environment said Craig Cammell, Saddleback student, who currently participates in a salsa band called Changónyke Musica.
Cammell began taking salsa to get a better feel of the salsa music he was playing.  He has currently been attending salsa class for about four semesters.
“I didn’t expect I would want to continue doing it, but I stuck with it,” said Cammell.
All you need are your dancing shoes, preferably nothing with a rubber sole, to avoid damaging the floor and an open mind.  The most common misconception of salsa club is that you have to bring a dance partner, which is not true, salsa club is a great place to meet a new salsa partner.
The salsa club has an end of the semester salsa party, sometimes there is a band sometimes they have a disk jockey.

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