Three-foot giant offers advice to Saddleback students

Large Personality (Anibal Santos-Maldonado)

Anibal Santos-Maldonado

Motivational Speaker, Sean Stephenson spoke to Saddleback students last Thursday, Oct.  4 in the Student Services building on how to better manage emotions. Stephenson is 3 feet tall and was born with brittle bones which cause him to need a wheel chair for mobility.

Despite his unique condition he is a successful speaker and writer. His book, Get Off Your But is self-help book designed to overcome limiting belief and self-sabotage. Stephenson is a certified doctor in Clinical Hypnosis. He has spoken at various corporations and universities.

Leaders such as Bill Clinton and the Dali Lama are some of the people he has spoken to regarding his experiences. He started off with introducing himself before explaining the common quality people have in common. There is a pattern that all human beings have in common… what we all have in common are emotion,” he said.

“Emotion gives us the energy to either love our life or have us hate life,” he said to students.

Stephenson had the students do various activities with other students in the room.  He had students pretend to be very shy then to acting very arrogant and finally to acting very sincere.

“The people that are comfortable with themselves are beyond their comfort zone,” he said after he had students interact with each other. “Your mind and body are not separate things.”

Stephenson believes that happiness is achieved three ways: physical self, our focus and what we think of ourselves.

“Happiness does not come externally, but comes from within…it a choice that comes from within and what you focus on,” he said.

Kjlil Watson, Philosophy, said, “I think it’s nice to see someone talk about how we all have the power in ourselves to move forward and to find motivation that we need to grow.”













Bringing Energy (Anibal Santos-Maldonado)

No Barriers (Anibal Santos-Maldonado)

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