The Wall, a student publication

Ashley Reyes

A place for students to express themselves, a place where students can spill their guts on a piece of paper, or share lighthearted stories about lasagna. This place for Saddleback students is The Wall.

Published since 2000, The Wall is a student publication, which features poetry, short stories, personal essays, photographs and artwork.

“It was very rewarding watching students create this publication that celebrates their expressions and creativity,” Gina Shaffer said, the Wall’s faculty advisor.

The Wall is like running a small publication from all phases of publication, it is a process of distilling the best work with a set of guidelines.  Shaffer explains that the guidelines have remained the same over the years but original content from the students makes the publication different every year.

“Some stories are intensely personal, I admire the writers …there’s a lot of different issues such as drug abuse, family conflict, bullying,” Shaffer said.

The publication tries to find a balance between serious issues and more lighthearted stuff.

“The complexity of the work is intensified when you consider that the average word count is only 1,400 words,” Denis Blake, the editor-in-chief said.

The editorial board of the Wall carefully selects the artwork that will be published on The Wall. These works come from staff writers and also freelancers that submit work to the publication.

“It is a showcase for creative energies of Saddleback students, it comes across in the poetry,” said Professor Shaffer.

The publication is printed and distributed free of charge to Saddleback students and it is also published online for reading. The Wall will be hosting a public reading for works featured in the literary journal on Oct. 18 in BGS 253 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This event will provide the writers with public recognition of their work and also their audience with an explanation of the inspiration for the artwork.

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