The Saddleback Speech and Debate Club

Anibal Santos

The Saddleback Speech and Debate Club/ Forensics Team meets every Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 4 p.m. in the Learning Resource Center, Room 101.

The Speech and Debate Club once included members of IVC’s Speech and Debate Team, but in the last six years it has been autonomous, Heidi Ocheas, speech instructor said.   

In the last State Speech Tournament, the Saddleback Team took fourth place.

“It was a record breaking feat in the last tournament, where two of our Reader’s Theaters, which are difficult events to do in forensics, closed out the entire tournament, which means all of our team took home gold,” Ocheas said.

“Our Readers Theaters took gold and no one else took anything! Not even silver,” Ocheas continued. “Our team is just getting bigger and bigger and more successful every year.”

Because it is a club and a team, the club averages about 30 people a meeting.

“Our club services about 70 to 100 people a year, but we meet regularly with 30 who are really committed to going to tournaments,” she said.

The club is not just open to speech students it is also open to non-speech students.

“We want to get bigger and bigger. We are excited for the future and we just want the best for our students,” she said.

For more information contact:

Coach Contacts:

Heidi Ochoa, Speech Instructor/Co-Director

Lucas Ochoa, Speech Instructor/Forensics Coach

Larry Radden, Speech Instructor/Co-Director

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