The Quipsters club improvises a solution to Saddleback’s lack of comedy

Saddleback’s improv club gathers to perform a free show for Saddleback students (By Alyssa Hunter)

David Gutman

The Quipsters club held their first improvisation show to an enthusiastic audience last Thursday.

“We want to make people more patriotic about Saddleback one laugh at a time,” said Mikel Mitchell, a Quipster participant.

The event started with the Quipsters Club President Michael Groover, 20, musical theater, presenting a short comedy video produced and starring some of the club members.

The video explained the basics of improvisation and how to build the acting skills needed to properly improvise a comedy show without a script.

The actual show started with Groover shouting the names of two quipsters. Then the audience was asked to shout out a suggestion.

These suggestions can be anything, from Star Wars to Batman to such objects as an electric taser gun. The topic didn’t matter for the sake of pure comedy on the fly.

Once the two person scene has ended, Groover class the entire club up to the stage to participate in an improvisation game encompassing the whole group.

In between these scenes there are short two minute breaks where Groover explains the next aspect of the scene and how the actors are supposed to play their parts.

Some of these improvisation games involve audience members. These scenes have a funny twist as the quipsters were trying to improvise a way to embarrass the people they picked and put them into an awkward situation.

“It was super fun and I hope that more and more people will come see these talented people,” said Kirsten Dierking, an audience member.

This being their first show of the semester, the event was unfortunately short, however Groover promised that there would be more shows soon.

Groover said that their next comedy show will be on Oct. 21 and will be an improvisation show and an open-mic night so anybody from the audience can perform a routine of their own.

“I thought that the show was good,” Groover said. “We have been working for two weeks on character development and situation improvising and we’re really excited for the semester.”

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