The benefits of eating your veggies

(Ashley Reyes)

Ashley Reyes

“Eat your veggies, ignite your spark and live like you mean it!” urges author Kris Carr of the Crazy Sexy Diet.

 Your body will thank you, energy levels will rise and people will compliment you on your confidence and glow. Simply minimizing your processed food intake, cutting out caffeine and increasing greens will visibly change  your body.

 “The Crazy Sexy Diet” is not a diet book; it’s about treating your body right from every possible angle. Making sure you get enough sleep, exercising regularly, and daily meditation will benefit energy levels and confidence in yourself.

Guillermo Naranjo, communications said, “I saw it as a lifestyle change, I felt how eating fast food effected my body, so I just minimized the fast food I ate and instead started juicing organic foods, and my energy level throughout the day went up.” 

Organic foods are defined as foods that are produced using methods of organic farming, which means they do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

There have been a number of documentaries, over the past few years, encouraging healthy living and showcasing its advantages.

For example, “Hungry for Change,” is a documentary that aims to inform people to take care of their body and has the leading experts testimonials on what eating healthier can do for you.

Hungry for Change advocates how to overcome food addictions and cravings, why fad diets don’t work, which food additives to avoid, what fat is, and the most effective strategies for detoxifying and cleansing.

The film gives the example of  hunter-gatherer villages, which consume foods with high nutrition and low calories. In opposition, the western diet today consists of consuming high calories and low nutrition.  While the obesity rate states that over 68 percent of Americans are now obese or overweight, they are starving on a nutritional level.

Although some people don’t see how eating healthy can drastically change their lifestyle, they do see a small difference between organic and non-organic. 

“I can’t really tell the difference between eating organic food and non-organic, although organic food feels lighter” Joshua Reyes, music said.

An article published by identified foods that contain the highest number of pesticides, they have been identified as the “Dirty Dozen” foods that should be bought organic. The three worst foods are apples, peaches, and strawberries. Also the list contains the “Clean 15” , foods lowest in pesticides, the top three best are onions, corn and pineapples. The full list can be found on their website.

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