Spring plant sale in full bloom

lining up for plant sale (Shirley Smith photography)

Shirley Smith

Many people lined up at the front gate of the Saddleback nursery for the annual spring plant sale, Thursday. Several arrived at 8:30 a.m. for the opening at 9 a.m.

Some people brought their own wagons, carts and husbands to carry the purchased treasures to their cars. Volunteers were also on hand to help transport plants to cars, write up sales slips and run the cash registers.

“This is my first year volunteering. I haven’t stopped all day,” Philippe Coronado, 29, landscape design said.

Philippe was using a large cart to move flowers, bushes and trees and help load the items into cars. People were lined up for his services, or for other volunteers with wheelbarrows.

“I’m waiting to get checked out, cause I’ve got to get back to class,” Zach Weagley, agriculture said. 

Saddleback District Director Teri Fluegeman said, “I come every year and buy all my vegetables. Last year my zucchini lasted all the way through September.”

“The money goes for scholarships,” Fluegeman added.

According to Yvonne Alliman, lab technician, thousands of dollars in scholarships have been given out since the program started 22 years ago.

“The first sale, I think we sold about $1500 to now about $20,000 sales a year,” Alliman said.,

Joyce Van Schaack, Saddleback board of governors said, “We have a gala coming up next week, so we’re checking out the flowers.”

Listed on the Saddleback website, The Board of Governors 13th annual foundation gala will be April 20, 2013 in the college gymnasium.

“This is my first time to the sale. I think it’s like a basement sale at Macy’s with people grabbing stuff, but I got some beautiful plants to put in my yard,” Wendy Hunt said.

For Earth week, horticulture students will be selling their own propagated California native plants from their booth.

If you missed the plant sale this time, the 22nd annual fall plant sale will be in November.

shoppers (Shirley Smith photography)

Yvonne Alliman, lab technician taking cash (Shirley Smith photography)

Tina Maldini, greenhouse staff writing up receipts (Shirley Smith Photography)

Phillippe Coronado, 29, landscape design, volunteer (Shriley Smith photograph)

Check out counter (Shirley Smith photograph)

Teri Fluegeman, district director, shopping for veggies. (Shirley Smith photograph)

Joyce Van Schaack, board of governors, shopping for their gala (Shirley Smith photograph)

Wendy Hunt first time shopper waiting for volunteer help to her car with her purchases. (Shirley Smith photograph)

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