Spring campus fashion trends show jeans still No. 1

Nicole Bullard

Spring fashion on Saddleback College has created many trends, including preferred clothing stores and styles.

There’s a lot of casual wear on campus, with T-shirts and jeans reigning over the campus, but this isn’t to say there isn’t any style on campus. A lot of students show off their unique personalities with their clothing style and apparel.

“Students seem to be very casual, but I have noticed a lot of high-waisted denim shorts!” said fashion instructor Diane McGroarty.

Jeans are very common, and according to wisegeek.com, the jean trend is unlikely to wane or disappear. Jeans are too comfortable and compliment any outfit for them to fall out of style.

“Slimmer fitting jeans are the style now,” fashion instructor Malia Hill said. Although skinny jeans are extremely popular, there’s also a variety of straight legged and boot jeans.

Knitted skirts and cropped tees are becoming a trend. Cropped tees are a product of the 80s that have continued to be fashionable in the present day.

“I see a lot of dolman sleeved shirts,” Hill said. A dolman sleeve is much wider at the arm hole and tight cuff, according to thefreedictionary.com.

And the ever-present “hipster” style is still on campus. This style takes many eras including the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s and makes a new style that isn’t very original but still has a fashionable structure. This style includes lots of plaid, Urban Outfitters, leggings and natural hairstyles instead of high maintenance hairstyles.

“As for makeup, I see a lot of the fashion girls wearing coral lipstick and doing the cat eyes,” Hill said.

She has also seen a few interesting hairstyles like the “skrillex” hairstyle, where one side of the head is shaved.

As for clothing stores, Forever 21 clothing is everywhere, as well as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, H&M and Anthropologie.

Although fashion are fun to follow, it can be a pain when trying to find a unique style. Going to local boutiques can be a great way to find fashions that suit your preferences. If budget is a problem, places like T.J. Maxx and even Forever 21 have cheap but fashionable clothing.


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