Same-sex marriage debate, part 2: Maggie Gallagher

(Robert Cody Shoemake)

Michael Grennell

For centuries, many different cultures worldwide have recognized marriage as the union between one man and one woman. On Mar. 7,  former president and chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, Maggie Gallagher spoke at a debate regarding same-sex marriage. She opposed the idea of allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Gallagher said that she first got into what she called, “The Marriage Fight” around 1986. Back then, the largest problem to her was the divorce rate and the number of children that were born out of wedlock. She said that as she joined the fight, it seemed like the state of marriage was beginning to improve; there were fewer children being born out of wedlock and the divorce rate was declining. But then, about 10 years ago, Gallagher said that marriage took a big hit as the debate over allowing same-sex couples to marry sprung up.

According to Gallagher, one of the biggest reasons for keeping marriage between a man and a woman is for the wellbeing of the children. Gallagher says that the ideal structure for children is that they are born into a married family of one father and one mother.

“Everywhere, marriage has the same basic shape. It is a sexual union,” Gallagher said. “It is a union of at least one man and one woman. Marriage really matters because children need a mom and a dad.”

Gallagher said that the most important part of marriage was to procreate and care for the next generation of humans.

Gallagher also pointed out that marriage between one man and one woman has been universally recognized across societies and cultures for centuries. She said that marriage is an institution that is sacred, dating back to the beginnings of Judea-Christianity, and that the idea of a man and a woman committed to each other and to raising a child is essential to society.

As Gallagher finished up her speech, she told the audience that despite what their beliefs might be, that they might take something from what she had to say.

“I’m hoping that you will go away from this talk with a new appreciation of marriage,” Gallagher said. “Not just as an intimate bond between two adults, but as a way to create the next generation that can be loved and loved by a mother and a father.”

(Robert Cody Shoemake)

(Robert Cody Shoemake)

(Robert Cody Shoemake)

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