Saddleback College students participate in “Moonlight Movie Night” in campus quad

Michele Hardy

More than 50 Saddleback College students reclined in red, plastic lawn chairs, while viewing the film, “Now You See Me”, on a 26-foot screen in the middle of the quad Thursday night.

The event coordinator for FunFlicks, George Logan, stated that the screen could have been mistaken for a partially developed bounce house. FunFlicks provided the stage, the projector, as well as two speakers, each the size of a backpack, sat on either side of the screen and produced a theater quality sound.

On top of being able to see the popular movie for free, the first 75 students with an ASB stamp were treated to a free burger from the “Sexy Burger” food truck.

Other than a siren going off in the neighboring parking lot, there was little to distract the audience from the 7:30 movie about a group of magicians who rob banks thousands of miles away from their Las Vegas performance.

Under the 62 degree summer night, most of the students who showed up in shorts and tank tops were shivering during the movie. Remember to bring a blanket to snuggle up with for the next movie!

Natalie Hart, the Student Development Office Assistant, said that they host “Moonlight Movie Night” so students will have a reason to look forward to coming to school besides simply attending classes.

Through Campus Life Group, Student Development is trying to “engage students to get them involved in things outside of just their classes,” she said. Hart went on to say that she encourages students to bring their friends and their family to these events.

Student Development is planning to host “Moonlight Movie Night” during the first week of every month. They will show popular, contemporary movies such as “Man of Steel” in September, followed by “Hunger Games”, and then the semester will be wrapped up with “Love Actually” and “Elf” during the Christmas season.

For more information, contact the Student Development office at (949) 582-4442 or visit their website at

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