Saddleback College hosts Family Night event

Nathalie Lozano

Saddleback College hosted Family Night last Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Student Services Center. The college welcomed all prospective students and their families by putting up booths of many of the academic divisions Saddleback has to offer.

All of the programs were set up along the hallway starting from the first floor up to the second floor with a display of what each program offered and the goal for the students. There were professors all around the stands giving students a chance to engage in conversation and get a better understanding of their soon-to-be school.

The culinary arts program offered samples fresh out of the kitchen.

Marina Dinoscenzo, mother of a prospective student, was delighted to have come on an empty stomach.

“I didn’t want to be late, but thankfully this was better than shopping at Costco on an empty stomach,” Dinoscenzo said. “Delicious samples all around, I might even check the culinary program myself.” 

Tara McRoy, a certified cosmetologist, enjoyed what the school offered in her field, as well as seeing the enthusiasm of new comers. The cosmetology program showed stylings they’ve learned throughout their time at Saddleback’s cosmetology program.

“I attended cosmetology school and got certified. I remember the beginning stages of all the hair touching we did, but mainly it was the bigger vision that amped me the most. Seeing the Saddleback program, you can tell they have enthusiasm on lock by reminding the students what the real aim of hard work is,” McRoy said.

Transitioning to college can be difficult sometimes because choosing the best course for your future can be a bit tough. Prospective student Joe Vesch took advantage of the opportunity to have a face to face experience with professors.

“As the new semester approaches, it is always hard to get time with a counselor. I decided to check Family Night out to see if I could get around all the appointment and waiting shenanigans. Luckily the turnout was even better. I got to speak to the professors who I will be spending a whole semester with,” Vesch said.

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