Psychology Week hosted for the first time

Kimiya Enshaian

Psychology Week will welcome Saddleback College students and locals to stop by campus and learn about this field of study from April 12 to 14.

The event will have a wide range of activities involved in the world of psychology and will be set up in such a way to not only better inform actual psychology majors, but also pique the interest of any audience, according to full-time psychology instructor Caroline Gee.

Any student stopping by the Quad will be offered a free chair massage and be able to take part in activities the psychology club has provided.

According to Gee, there will be many events for all to enjoy seeing, but the focal point of this event is to give students and instructors a chance to converse about careers and transfer tips in regard to this line of work.

Students and local community members can listen to speeches being made in different parts of campus, exposing all students to a chance to be better informed about the many aspects of psychology.

Gee said that Saddleback instructors as well as invited psychologists and therapists from other schools will be speaking about their work, including a career panel where students may ask the essential questions to these professionals about how to get into a career in psychology.

“Among instructors from Saddleback who will be making speeches, Amira Wegenek will be giving a talks, as well as Michelle Robison, who will touch upon psychology and aging,” Gee said.

This will be the first psychology week event ever held at Saddleback.

The three-day-long event will be open from noon to 4 p.m., suiting the schedule of most students to be able to comfortably stop by and explore.

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