Prospective students learn about college

Prospective students learn about opportunities at Saddleback College. (Evelyn Caicedo/Lariat)

Potential students and their parents learn about opportunities at Saddleback College at Family Night. (Evelyn Caicedo/Lariat)

Evelyn Caicedo

Family night is the opportunity for potential students to get more information about transferring; the honors program; degree, career and certification programs; and concurrent high school enrollment opportunities.

Gathered in the Student Services Center building last Tuesday evening, prospective students and their parents had the opportunity to get all of their questions answered about Saddleback College.

The night began by speeches from many different representatives of Saddleback telling their part in the department, such as the transfer center and the financial aid center.

Having previously heard great things about the college, Ana Slater, parent of Janelle, 16, said she was excited to hear more information about Saddleback and their great programs they provide.

The culinary arts department served gourmet dishes before and after the presentation.

Darlene Bayer-Knudsen, 31, culinary arts, was one of many in her department to serve the guests.

“It is great to see all of the future Saddleback families go to this type of event and want to learn about their prospective school,” said Bayer-Knudsen.

Following the representatives’ speeches, the families circulated around the cafeteria area where booths were set up for students to take a look at specific areas of Saddleback.

The Teacher Preparation Pipeline program table wanted to reach students that felt any desire to teach.

“If the student had any interest in teaching then they should join this program,” said TPP representative, Brian Mayeda, accounting and business. “Mentors will help figure out their career path.”

Marina Chen, a parent of a potential Saddleback student, said that they did a great presentation and answered all her questions and more of the college. With the combination of the great food she added that it was a great event.

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