New fashion statement, “Imperfection is the new perfection”

Lamb & Flag opens in the Shops at Mission Viejo on Feb. 3

Nicole Bullard

To those who are tired of trying to find a certain style and trying to look perfect, there’s a new retail store coming to The Shops of Mission Viejo on Friday.

Lamb & Flag, this store is inspired by the name of a venerated English pub, and the atmosphere is like a mansion in disarray. It’s style is imperfect, stating that imperfection is the new perfection.

It’s aesthetic tone is based on the timeless rock and roll spirit of “wrecked elegance”.

Lamb & Flag Vice President Gary Winston acknowledges that the brand is made for a certain type of person, someone who does not like to conform.

“There is a lot of emphasis on individuality amongst this store, for Lamb & Flag’s base concept by “Beautiful Rebellion”, but defined slightly different than most people would understand it.” Winston said.

The store products include but aren’t limited to tees, outer wear, woven shirts, accessories, books, fragrances, and several vintage pieces. Prices range from $22 to $68 for tees and wovens, $58 to $98 for denim, and $58 to $128 for outerwear.

“It’s for the ones that don’t try, they just are. Like a bright light in a dark room, they glow with a quiet confidence. They’re alive, soulful, humble, imperfect,” Winston said. “Without apology, they walk out of step with the world’s parade, always choosing the road less traveled. It’s the musician, the artist, the entrepreneur.”

Lamb & Flag is a whole brand new retail concept, and is opening not only at The Shops at Mission Viejo on Feb. 3 but also at Los Cerritos Center on Friday, Feb. 10.

“In every way Lamb & Flag is a reflection of the group of individuals brought together to create it- un-like, different, disruptive, real,” Winston said. “It’s the filter we use in designing the product and in curating the brands we carry. It could be a style you haven’t seen, a brand you haven’t discovered, or even a song you haven’t heard.”

Wearing a certain type of clothing style won’t make you feel complete, but believing in yourself and believing what you wear is inspiring your lifestyle can.

“Its the experience, the emotion, the lifestyle- that rare feeling you get when you truly believe in something.” Winston said.

The range of independent third-party brands available at Lamb & Flag include A.P.C, Nudie, Cheap Monday, RVCA, Insight, Krochet Kids, Comune and many more.

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