Monster Massive hits L.A.

Ana Catellanos

The 10th annual Monster Massive at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, was held Oct. 27, from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. It was a Halloween event where all the candy kids, and lovers of trance, techno, drum, bass, and house came together to celebrate Halloween.

Months before, students from Saddleback College along with many other Southern California residents, went on to purchase their much anticipated Monster Massive tickets. Over 2,500 people were expected to fill the dance floor with outrageous outfits, hair and makeup.

“I love dancing and the people there,” Kat Martin 19, psychology said.

“Everyone is so nice, I love the lights and music, and dressing up,” Martin said. “This was my second monster massive.”

Lights set on the ceiling to shine at the paceof the loud beats from the speakers. Everyone was dancing, playing with their glow sticks, taking pictures, making new friends by trading candy bracelets and enjoying one of the biggest Halloween events to occur in Los Angeles.

Security was well set, the lines moved fast, but people were searched before entering to keep any weapons from passing through. There were also police officers outside the Sports Arena, and inside to keep everyone from trouble and danger.

The event ran smoothly, full of energy and good vibes.

Alcohol was sold till 2 a.m., and thousands of water bottles stacked up were constantly bought to keep the thirst away.

Despite the massive amount of people at the event, there were no reports of anyone being hurt during or after.

“It’s my first rave but I love it, everyone is so happy” Kaitlyn Nichols, 20, undecided said. “I was a little scared because of the things you hear, but it’s nothing like that.”


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