How to eat a coastal prickly pear

Roland Stoian, 20, undecided major said he likes to hang out in the environmental studies garden, occasionally samples the wild fruit. He picked and demonstrated how to eat a coastal prickly pear found in the environmental studies native garden at Saddleback College. (Shirley Smith/Lariat)

Shirley Smith and Melanie Roberts

Inside the environmental studies California native garden at Saddleback College, students hang out, study and interact with the wildlife. 

20-year-old Roland Stoian samples some of the fruits while hanging out with his friends in between classes. He demonstrates what he believes to be the proper way to prepare and eat a coastal prickly pear found in the garden.

“You just eat the flesh inside, but the seeds are really good for your colon and intenstines,” Stoian said. 

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