Have your summer vacation and take a beneficial class too

Kimiya Enshaian

Though Saddleback College may not be the popular place for students to spend their summer days, taking up a few classes may have its perks.

Considering that a transfer student needs to complete 60 units of general education coursework, followed by a varied number of major preparatory units, a student’s course load can get pretty heavy.

In result sometimes taking classes only in the fall and spring semesters are just not enough.

On top of the large load students carry on their backs at school, work also takes up a huge portion of potential time to study or go to school.

In 2008, about 45 percent of full-time and 79 percent of part-time college students ages 16–24 were employed, according to a report by the National Center for Education Statistics.

The number of employed in that same age range rose from 1.8 million to 18.6 million between April and July 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Picking up two or three classes, or maybe even just one difficult course, over the summer can relieve the stress of getting through those necessary units on time while also serving as a chance to take classes at a different pace.

“I took summer classes last summer and they definitely helped me get two courses out of the way, said Jane Henninger, 19 kinesiology. “When fall and spring semester came around I wasn’t as stressed and kept up with all of my credits.”

These classes are shorter. Eight-week or six-week classes are available for a range of courses. Any general education courses that may be less in units are good ideas to take during this time.

For example, one semester of a lab course pertaining to a specific science class is required of both students using the IGETC and GE plan.

These courses are one-unit labs in subject areas such as anthropology and geography. They require four-hour class meetings, which is quite extensive and may be take too much time out of a fall or spring schedule.

Also, if a student needs to take a course that they need to give more attention to because of its difficulty or the greater number of units, taking it over the summer could be an easy way to give full focus to that class.

For anyone needing to take courses such as the five-unit analytic geometry and calculus class, but feel that it may be too difficult to complete during the fall or spring, taking it in the summer would alleviate the pressure.

The selection of classes available encompasses many of the classes available during the spring and summer so students definitely have their choice of classes to choose from.

Beside it helping a students work load, taking up a fun exercises class or film class could be a nice way to spend the summer while gaining easy units.

Summer classes are a good way to keep my brain working while still relaxing from the the intense classes I took over both winter an spring semester,” said Brianna Pusztai, 20, undeclared. “We get our summer and we get a class or two done in the process. Work and play.”

Both the eight-week and six-week classes begin May 23. Following this, other eight-week classes will begin June 20 and July 4 while other six week sessions will begin July 5.

For a complete list of summer 2011 classes visit: http://www.saddleback.edu/cs/summer.html

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