Global Activist Club raises social awareness

Alex Aponte

Saving the world one event at a time, the members of the Global Activist Club (GAC) voluntarily participate in local events that involve other, more popular global organizations such as Invisible Children, that help ones in need at a worldly standpoint.

This club collaborates with other organizations, representing the Saddleback College community.

“The club is for anyone who wants to be a part of their global community. We take part in our Southern Orange County community, as well as things going on in different places of the world,” said club president Abby Freeman, 22, child development. “We’ve had events for Invisible Children, Liberty in North Korea, and next week we’re having an event for El Salvador activists. They’re going to be speaking on different topics ranging from living through a war to advocating for rights internationally.”

With Invisible Children, the Global Activist Club currently has a team fundraising page that benefits the organization by raising money for the cause.  They are more than half-way-there to their goal and are still looking for more donations.  If interested, visit: for more information on donations.

“We’re definitely taking it easier this semester and are really just helping out with an even that the Social and Behavioral Science Division is hosting [Social Activism and the Arts in El Salvador],” Freeman said.

This event, hosted by Fredy Granillo and Rosemary Ramsey, starts April 8-9 in room SSC 212.  There are different topics discussed starting at 9 a.m. in hour and a half intervals.  Some topics include, “Women and Violence in El Salvador: Civil War and its Aftermath” and “Global Change/Local Action” where the Global Activist Club comes in.

For more information on the event, contact Margot Lovett at

For website of the event with dates and times visit:


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