Ever thought about riding to class instead of driving?

Motorcycles parking near the SM building. (Erik Woods)

Erik Woods

Saddleback college has a big parking issue, as we start the fall semester another drove of students have arrived, making parking even more insane than before. 

Ever wonder what it would be like to not have to worry about parking?  What it’s like to arrive on campus and immediately find a spot? 

The hobby of motorcycling is becoming more popular per semester. Students on campus are beginning to realize this. 

Last semester there were only a handful of motorcycles usually parked far apart from each other.  This semester, motorcycles are out in a much higher number. 

Students need to be aware of everything on the road but not only what is in front of you, but what’s going on to your left, your right, and behind you.  In California, motorcycles are allowed to split lanes, some drivers don’t realize this and take offense, like they are crowding “your space.” 

Turns out most motorcycle collisions are due to a driver, not a rider.  

Drivers have quite a few more distractions available for the dull drive home or the dull drive to campus.  Texting, fixing your make-up, putting your clothes on, you get the point.  Riders can read driver body language at times, meaning they can tell you’re about to do, without you warning or checking for them. Most drivers do check their mirrors, or allow the bike to split the lane, give them their proper following distance, so on and so forth.  But every once and a while, there’s always one person with their head looking at their lap.

If you look past the possibility of danger daily, and allow yourself to live a little bit.  Motorcycling maybe your next passion, the thrill of the ride is great, the experience is worth it. 

You can also save some money on gas.  The average car costs what 50$ to fill up?  You can fill up a motorcycle five times for the same amount! 

If you’re interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, Saddleback Rider Training is actually a course you can take right here on campus. 

The course is a semi-structured semi-formal atmosphere where you will learn about motorcycles and how to ride them.  

The courses are frequent, but the next open class you can register for is on Sept. 22. So, courses do fill up.

  Requirements are listed on their site. You do not need to own a helmet, jacket or gloves, but you do need over-the-ankle boots.  The helmet will be provided for you, and wearing some sort of full cover top is suggested.

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