Entreprenuerial Business Club

El-Jurdi speaks to the club members about the company he works for and how he got to where he is. (Steven jung)

Steven Jung

The Entrepreneurial Business Club at Saddleback Colleges focuses on community and professional development that meets once a week on Thursdays at Saddleback in Business/ General Studies Building in Room 235 at 5 p.m.

The founder, Susan Ray, 23, political science began at the University of Arizona as Business Marketing before pursuing other directions in California and. During a Spanish class, Instructor Carmenmara announced opportunity for mentorship in Math and Science. When Ray asked for mentorship offering in business, Carmenmara said there was not that she knew of, but that she should “start a club.”.  

The club’s vision intends to connect ambitious students with mentors in the community with experience in the industry of their pursuit. The other intent of the club is to connect business or entrepreneurial-minded students with each other to help build a professional network.

Anyone is welcome and students of undecided majors are especially encouraged to join. Every week there is a different guest speaker to talk about their industry.

At a recent meeting guest speaker Jamil El-Jurdi, a VP at AXA Financia, l came to share his journey and pearls of wisdom.

“There is a difference between working hard to accomplish a goal and working just to accomplish that goal, no matter what it takes,” El-Jurdi said.

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