Electronic music is on the rise

Sean Lara

Electronic music, also known as “EDM” or Electronic Dance Music is becoming very popular amongst Saddleback and college students all over the country. What was once an underground scene, listened to by a select few, has erupted into a very popular musical phenomenon that is starting to make its way into mainstream society.

“It’s [Electronic music] different from the usual, and people like different”, said Attila Toth, 18, undecided. “This why it’s become so popular and a sick beat can make you have a great time!”

EDM is a style of computer-generated music that was developed in the early `70s and incorporates the sounds of disco, pop and classical music. It was originally crafted with the sole intent to be played by DJ’s at clubs as a continuous mix but has now found its place as a legitimate genre. Combining fast beats, bass, uplifting lyrics and unique sounds, this style of music can be listened to by anyone regardless of age, and with all of the sub-genres available there are styles for everyone to appreciate.

One of the main reasons this style of music has started to become popular is the availability and easy access to it. Internet websites and software such as YouTube, Facebook and iTunes have brought this up from the underground and helped spread the music quickly. In addition, the popularity of attending raves has increased which is a great setting for friends to enjoy a large variety of music. Raves, or large EDM festivals, brings tens of thousands of people together in one giant venue where they can enjoy their favorite artists from all around the world.

What makes this style of music so unique from other genres to see live is the relationship between the DJ and the crowd. The experience is unlike any other style of music. The performer and the audience have what many describe as a spiritual connection with each other and as the music gets more intense, energy is fed to the DJ from the crowd which creates a feeling that cannot be described with words.

Within the Electronic genre there are a variety of sub-genres to suit different tastes in music. Of the more popular are “Trance”, “House”, “Electro”, “Dubstep”, “Drum and Bass” and “Techno.”

Now the real question is how does one find this music to listen to? Well there’s a good chance at least one of your friends listens to EDM, so ask them. There are also free podcasts online which are available to download straight to your iPod (Above & Beyond and Marcus Schossow have great podcasts). If all else fails, do some searching on YouTube or hit up your local 21+ club.



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