Locals of Laguna Niguel help “Children of the Nations”

Elizabeth Ortiz

Children of the Nations (COTN) is a movement of people reaching out to meet the needs of orphaned and destitute children. Their vision is to teach children how to transform the society and nation in which they live. COTN provides shelter and food for underdeveloped countries.

“If you don’t think Africa… and what happens there doesn’t have an effect on Orange County, you’re wrong, it could have an effect on our own children by sharing the story: feel it, touch it and see it,” said Sara Booth, the director of Laguna Niguel’s chapter of COTN. ” I went to Africa eight years ago with my daughter, who was 14 at the time, and when I came back I decided to make it my career,” she said.

COTN reaches over 35,000 children in some of the poorest countries in the world,  Countries still developing, like Sierra Leone, Uranda, Malawi, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Village partnership programs have been established in these countries for impoverished parents and caregivers that need assistance in education, medical care and daily nutrition.

“Our Orange area office sent 1.3 million meals to Africa last year alone, including the Dominican Republican and Haiti. Applied Medical is a huge supporter who donates medical supplies,” said Booth

Booth explains when the organization goes into villages, unbridled joy is visible on their faces when they see them coming.

“I want to be uncomfortable, I don’t feel like I can do enough but I am nothing if I don’t help them. And change on a heart level is not a bad thing… what a better way to break your heart …for a child,” said Booth.

Kim Naramore, a teacher at a Stonegate Elementary volunteered at Five Vines in San Juan Capistrano. She partnered up and gave her tips up to COTN. She also does meal packaging At her local presbyterian church called, Church of the Master.

“I traveled Malawi on a teachers trip and saw with my concrete eyes the evidence of the difference that COTN makes in a African child’s life,” said Naramore.

Booth explained founder, Cris Clark recommended people don’t “go and ask for money go and share your heart, the rest will follow.”

Information about to sponsoring a child is available from these sites listed below.



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