Cinema students win best documentary and DJ awards

Debra Hill and Ryan Rodriguez proudly showcase the Best Documentary award at the National College Media Convention in Orlando, Fla. (Photo courtesy of Debra Hill)

Nicole Bullard

The College Broadcasting Inc. held their award ceremony last week in Orlando, Fla. at the National Student Media convention for all participating cinema students across the nation.

Debra Hill, Larissa Garrett, Ryan Rodriguez, and Zac Rodriguez all contributed to their documentary on disabled veterans returning home and finding ways to enjoy life despite their disabilities by scuba diving, which was called “From Bullets to Bubbles.”

The entries for the Best Documentary award were allowed to be thirty minutes in length or less, while the Best DJ award was only allowed to be a length of five minutes.

Their documentary earned them a nomination for the Best Documentary Award, which was given out by CBI.

Debra Hill, 54, cinema, TV, radio, expressed her surprise and happiness over being nominated for such a prestigious award.

As the director, Hill was not only the director but also the producer and helped edit the documentary.

“I spent several hundred hours on this film editing. I also helped with the underwater cinematography,” Hill said.

Kelly Jones, 43, news broadcasting, also received a nomination for Best DJ, for her work on KSBR 88.5 FM. Jones also is a disc jockey on the C Rock radio called Monday Night Meltdown from 7 to 10 p.m.

“The Director of College Radio Station Operation submitted one of my air-shifts, and I didn’t even know until one of my instructors congratulated me on my nomination. I was really surprised,” Jones said.

The submission for Best DJ is an air-shift, which is a segment of a broadcast.

“My radio life is like a sundae. My radio show is like the chocolate sauce, but the awards is like the cherry on top. I don’t need it but it’s just for looks,” Jones said. 

Kelly Jones proudly holds her Best DJ award. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Jones)

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