Campus clubs recruit members

Students at Irvine Valley recieved a warm greeting by the college clubs as part of the Club Rush held on Sept 5

Students at Irvine Valley recieved a warm greeting by the college clubs as part of the Club Rush held on Sept 5

Rodrigo Azurmndi and Tyler Cole

The heat and students were out in high numbers as Club Rush was held simultaneously at Saddleback and Irvine Valley Colleges on Sept. 5.

The bi-annual event at IVC provided students with numerous club opportunities along with a place to listen to a live band for free.

Even as the temperature outside began to climb into the 90s, students and faculty alike came out to the Student Services Quad. Here, the scene showed people moving from booth to booth hoping to find that perfect club, as club officers waved flyers, yelled slogans, and try to lure in new members.

“This year alone we have had more clubs then ever,” said Inter-Club Council President Isidro Zuniga. “Last year we didn’t have a big turn out. Now we have 20 clubs, [and] that is exciting.”

Club Rush, which was sponsored by student affairs, gave students the opportunity to seek out and join a variety of clubs offered on campus. Math Club, Model United Nations, Aid Cancer Research Society, Video Gamer Club, and The Muslim Students Association were just a few of the clubs seeking to have the ten members required to make the club official and eligible for school grants.

“The clubs each get funding from the school [and] from the student affairs office,” said Kristin Emmett, Student Development assistant. “They sat in the budget meeting last summer and decided where all the money coming in is going to be allocated.”

At Saddleback, students coming out of class in the Village were met by a colorful scene of music, pleasant weather and the infallible catch–free food.

“I’m very surprised with the outcome and it’s good to see [the clubs] bribing us with free food,” said Tarick Sheikh, 19, biology. “I only wish they’d make it over more than one day for those who have class during this time.”

Among the clubs present was Psi Beta/Psychology Club, a group devoted to charity work in search to extend their membership to further its activities.

“We’d like to have more people as it makes fundraising easier,” said Kara Timmins, 22, anthropology. “More members will also allow us to represent the college in psychology competitions where we can share our research.”

These events are meant to ease students’ transition to college life.

“It provides an awesome opportunity for those who want to get involved,” said Phil Huerta, 20, political science. “It’s very beneficial for anyone who does join a club.”

The Inter Club Council hopes to build on the outcome of this event.

“It was a great success, the enthusiasm put forth by the clubs will give way to a series of new events that will motivate the student body,” said Basim Sadrzadeh, ICC Director. “We are very excited with its outcome. It has marked the cornerstone to our future events.”


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