Breast Cancer awareness month to be acknowledged around country

Moji Ogunleye

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been acknowledged every year in October since 1993. Created by Evelyn Lauder, the pink ribbon has become a worldwide symbol for the disease during the past 14 years.

Studies have shown that in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer one can eat right, exercise regularly, quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol and promote early detection through yearly mammograms.

“It’s interesting that diet has a greater impact,” said Kyle Posada, 21, business. “It seems like everything nowadays in some amount will give you cancer.”

According to The American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in 2006.

The probability of a woman developing breast cancer in their lifetime is one out of eight.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has been working to raise money to find a search for a cure since 1982.

Each year a race is held for people to raise money. The race is different all over the world and the can run from two to three days.

People participate to celebrate loved ones who either passed away, recovered from breast cancer, or are presently suffering from the disease.

“My grandmother was a survivor of breast cancer,” said Lauren Grangruth, 22, animation. “She lived to be 96.”

Major companies are doing their part to help raise awareness of breast cancer.

Grocery stores are teaming up with Campbell soup to sell special edition cans of tomato soup with the widely-known Pink Ribbon and a special white and pink design logo.

Major chain stores like Wal-Mart are selling special edition products such as Energizer batteries and Kotex tissues.

There are many ways for women to help themselves in the fight against breast cancer.

There is no substitute for a mammogram to be done annually after the age of 35. This has been proven to help detect breast cancer at an earlier stage and women are more likely to have it treated in a timely matter.

More info about breast cancer can be obtained online or a health clinic.

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