Bobbing for apples in the pool

Taylor Carney
bobbing for apples

Bobbing for apples is a regular event at Halloween parties, and a sure way to get a little wet. (CC BY 2.0)

Saddleback students and athletes went head first into the campus pool for apples on Saturday for the Halloween spirit.

The bobbing for apples event required good strategy and technique like many other sports.

“I didn’t think that a simple game that involved apples could be so difficult. There were people pushing, shoving and even headbutting one another in order to get those things in their mouths,” said Ray Theo, 21, ghouls, a Gaucho athlete.

The game is simple. The pool was filled with 400 apples, and there was about 65 students participating in the game. The object of the game is to get as many apples as you can, the person with the most apples wins.

Sounds simple right? Well there’s a catch. Every student has to tie their hands behind there back, thus leaving them to use only their mouths to retrieve the apples.

“I thought the game was pretty easy,” Eugene Richard, 24, spells said. “At home, we have a family tradition of bobbing for apples, but we are blind folded and have our hands tied behind our back.”

The game had three rounds, of course each time using new apples, the participants got to experience a lot of exciting cheers from the crowd.

Maggie May, 34, undecided, won the first round, Thomas Punn, 15, broomstick science won the second round and Gil Gilmore, 19, undecided won the third round.

Each winner was rewarded with a spiderweb trophy and a bag full of candy.

The aftermath of the game left the pool thrashed, but luckily janitors on campus helped revive the mess.

“It only took 2 hours to play the game, but it took a whole day to clean the mess,” said Tom Cruise, the campus janitor. “I’m glad everyone had a great time.”

Lucille Taylor, 19, witches said, “Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.”


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