Award-winning Saddleback publication WALL showcased

The Board of Trustees room shortly before the reading began (Christian Bonin)

Christian Bonin

Content from the 2013 edition of the award winning Saddleback College publication WALL was showcased Thursday Oct. 24 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Health Sciences and Human Services building Room 145, the Saddleback College Board of Trustees room.

The reading, titled “Writings on the WALL,” presented personal essays, short stories, poetry, artwork and photography from the publication.

The event attracted a crowd that filled nearly every seat in the room. Amy Casil, faculty adviser to WALL, said that the number of people in attendance was double the amount that attended the reading of the 2012 edition of WALL last year.

Some of the written works from the publication were read by their authors or presented as an oral interpretation by students studying forensic speech. Paper copies of WALL were provided free of charge at the event, so attendants could follow along while the works were being read.

The topics for written works ranged from humorous fiction to real life stories about serious issues. Gina Shaffer, faculty adviser to WALL, said that the diversity of content contributed to the quality of the reading.

“There was so much diversity of the different pieces, the different moods and tones, so I’m pleased about that,” Shaffer said. “The intensity and emotion that the students bought to their work, whether it was fictional or a real life story, you could feel the intention behind their words.”

Several of the artists and photographers, whose works were showcased at the reading, described the creative process behind their works.

Casil said that she hopes that the reading inspired students to create their own works.

“I hope they are enthusiastic about being part of it themselves,” Casil said. “I hope they got some creative inspiration and if they want to write poems or stories or paint paintings or take photographs that they would do it.”

Nick Savard, a 20-year-old business major who attended the reading, said that he enjoyed the reading because of the emotional impact of the written works.

“Very interesting, a lot of them have stories that you can just feel through their words,” Savard said.

Casil said that there will likely be a reading of the 2014 edition next year after it is released.

“I’m sure that there will be another WALL ceremony and reading next year for the 2014 WALL,” Casil said. “The WALL is a spring class and then the book comes out and then the following fall there is the reading and ceremony.”

WALL is a literary journal created by Saddleback students that is published annually. Students who promote, edit and choose content from student submissions for the publication are enrolled in the class English 160.

Last year, the 2012 edition of WALL received a first-place award in a national competition held by the American Scholastic Press Association.

Content published in WALL is chosen from student submissions. All Saddleback students may submit work to WALL. The deadline for submissions to the 2014 edition is Feb. 10.

Online copies of WALL and 2014 submission guidelines can be found at

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