Artists market hand-made art and jewelry in gallery

JEWELRY/ART (Photo by Jessica Osiecki/Lariat)

Jessica Osiecki

The Saddleback College art sale took place on Wednesday, Nov. 30 and Thursday, Dec. 1 which gave other students the opportunity to look for new jewelry and art pieces.

The students are all coming together for this sale to benefit other students of Saddleback College by raising money for scholarships for fellow students to be able to go to college.

There are different types of jewelry seen today at this jewelry sale and all this jewelry was done by students from Beginning and Advanced Jewelry sale.

There were some students that were not interested in jewelry at first and those who want to get into a hobby that make money. For some students, it was both.

“At first, I did not know anything about jewelry,” Janie Marcus, 57, undecided said. “I just enjoy making things that people want to buy.”

There were all different kinds of jewelry and they ranged from jewels that are hard to find unless a student goes into mountains, and there are things can make just from finding glass on the beach.

Marcus also said that if a student goes to Port Townsend in Washington, they can find a dump where people take their glass products to the dump and they throw them onto the beach. It is simply recycled glass, like glass bottles, that are used for her jewelry.

There are students and professional jewelry makers alike that have a life story on how they first got into making their jewelry.

Marcus then went on to say that she once saw a lady that that had earrings on that were made out of sea class. And once see saw that see glass, she wanted to take a class at Saddleback that had something to do with jewelry and sure enough there was a class called Jewelry 1, which is a beginning class where a student makes Jewelry with found objects.

For the student jewelry makers here at Saddleback, at every table that was selling jewelry, there was always a book or magazine all about how to make jewelry. And there are those who make jewelry by getting ideas from other people, but still has their own unique talent.

It is not just sea glass and metal, but there was also jewelry that was made out of something called cannabis or hemp jewelry or Macramé, courtesy of Saddleback’s Environmental Awareness Club.

Whether a student makes mixed metal, sea glass, or cannabis jewelry, all the students selling their jewelry enjoy what they do and they do what they can to raise money for those scholarships.

For more information about sea glass jewelry, go to:

And for information on Cannabis jewelry oré, go to:

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