Annual ceremony salutes stellar Saddleback scholars

Jason Chung

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society held an induction ceremony to officially welcome 40 new members and recognize six new officers from Saddleback College last Friday.

The Saddleback chapter, known as Beta Epsilon Beta, selected these new members based on their academic achievements. Since membership is by invitation only, the current PTK board members only extended their invites to students who have maintained a GPA above 3.5 and completed more than 12 units of classes.

Those who will become BEB officers next academic year were also inducted at the beginning of the ceremony. The six officers recognized were Recording Secretary Cary Buechler, Vice President of Leadership Jason Brower, VP of Scholarship Alex Tiskevich, VP of Service Desiree Sullivan, VP of Fellowship Sean Millet, and Treasurer Andrew Knauf.

Founded on the four ideological pillars of leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service, Phi Theta Kappa aims to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students through providing opportunities for individual growth and participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programs, according to the PTK’s mission statement.

Since Beta Epsilon Beta believes service is the most important because it incorporates the other three concepts, it works to serve the community, especially those in and near the Saddleback campus.

The chapter is currently working on two major community service projects, entitled Honors in Action and Commit to Completion. The former is an academic project that seeks to bring awareness to their surrounding community about their study topic of choice, the culture of competition in sports. The latter is a campaign to assist students who are having trouble completing their education in community college. A Commit to Completion event for Saddleback is currently being planned for the upcoming fall semester.

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