A week of organic fun

Nicole Bullard

The Saddleback College Earth Week 2012 Lectures organized lectures on environmental issues, eco-friendly activities and food trucks.

To name a few lectures, there was one expressing the importance of water efficiency, why people should “live green,” and nuclear power as an energy source.

According to the website www.improving-health-and-energy.com, green living is any action or activity that results in a positive impact, to any degree, on the environment so that the planet can continue to support future generations.

To demonstrate how students can live green, there was a campus clean-up on Thursday to pick up any litter that was cluttering the campus.

Besides having informative lectures and cleaning the campus, there was entertainment and food.

The dinner and movie on Tuesday included food from Native Foods and the film “Gasland,” which provided insight on the natural gas hydraulic fracturing.

The Lime Truck visited Saddleback Monday through Wednesday, bringing with them an array of fresh foods. Their menu included sweet and spicy steak tacos, carnitas fries and crab ceviche.

On Wednesday, the “steampunk” themed jewelry sale was selling handmade items such as necklaces, bracelets and beads. Steampunk is the recycling of found objects. The jewelry sale was organized by the jewelry club and the environmental awareness club.

For music, the list included This Time With Feeling, DJ Yorgmoto, Mess of Wires and The Aloha Radio.

There was also an electronics recycling drive where students could rid themselves of old and broken electronics.

According to alisoviejo.patch.com, it is important make an effort on behalf on the environment on days other than Earth Day. This can be achieved by recycling paper, opening windows instead of using air conditioning and use kitchen scraps for backyard compost.

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