BRIEF: Sciences Building construction update

Progress on Saddleback College’s upcoming new building continues as scheduled according to Walter Rice: director of facilities planning for the South Orange County Community College District.

On the roof, a power connection, various controls and variable-frequency drives are still being installed. Work is being focused on installing a sheet metal and stainless steel duct connection for the north and west fume hood exhaust stacks.

Light fixtures continue to be installed in all lab and support areas, that is a part of the plan to install a system of motion sensors throughout the building.

An installation of a storefront system is being continued in the staff offices on the first and second floors. A curtain wall/storefront system is also being installed at the main entrance which leads to the second and third floor bridge landing at the southwest corner.

The installation of drywall which has undergone sanding and mudding has been completed near the southern walls on all three of the building’s floors. Painting still continues throughout the building.

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