Future Teachers Club welcomes prospective teachers to a meeting

Mackenzie Leveque

There will be a Future Teacher’s Club meeting for all prospective teachers in the Business and General Studies (BGS) 341 on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Students that have a passion for becoming a teacher one day are encouraged to attend.

The club is an extension of the Student California Teachers Association and allows members to engage in teacher workshops, conferences and other events. In addition, students receive real life advice and feedback from speakers.

“There’s usually a speaker that presents and gives some insight of what it is to be a teacher,” David Schlesinger from the Saddleback Transfer Center said. “I used to be a teacher and I have attended the group as a speaker.”    

Receiving information from actual teachers allows students to ask questions and find out if this is truly the profession that they wish to choose. There are also opportunities for scholarships, free airfare, and lodging to attend Student California Teachers Association conferences. The club meetings encourage students to connect and network with other students while cultivating and applying valuable leadership skills. 

This creates a unified community of motivated aspiring teachers guiding and helping each other to reach their goals. All of these activities serve to meet the ultimate goal of the club, which is to develop qualified, skilled and passionate future educators. If there are any questions about the club, students can contact csimpson3@saddleback.edu or come to the transfer center in the Student Services Center, Room 225B.

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