BRIEF: top-3 items of discussion at President’s Chat

(Chelsea Jarrell)

Kaylee Johnston
  1. Campus safety updates: 
    • new chief of police (Christopher Wilkinson)
    • new training on safety for faculty and staff (video training to be available soon)
    • emergency operations training (Nov. 15) 
    • CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) over training dates for emergency situations
    • disaster simulation (March 25) 
    • suggestions from students/faculty: create a Campus Safety Committee
  2. VETs Center updates:
    • possible hiring of new part-time faculty to assist in VETs Center
    • making headway with furnishing of the Center (working to create a “study center” instead of a “lounge”) 
  3. Parking updates:
    • closing of lot during science building construction
    • long-term goal: create a parking structure in lot 9

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