Winterdance 2013 enchants McKinney audience

Parisan Nights (Anibal Santos)

Nathalie Lozano

The Saddleback College McKinney Theatre packed a full house for the third performance of Winterdance 2013 on Saturday night. Anticipating the stars of the college’s dance program, the night brought forth to the stage a diverse selection of dances.

Dorothy Garant, director of the show and dance instructor at Saddleback College, was applauded by the dancers for having such a collaborative group.

Katherine Loung, a 25 -year-old biology major was in the dance called “Kiki,” which was bright, poppy, and full of sass. 

“Besides being an awesome experience, the collaborative work with the group and director was the best and made this showcase possible,” Loung said.

The performances varied from ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, tap, Latin and Social dances.

The dancers’ families were ecstatic about the performances and showed their support with flowers, balloons and congratulatory embraces. 

The Morawa family waited with flowers to congratulate their daughter. Camera in hand, they were delighted with the events of the evening.

“Being a first impression, it hit close to home and brought me a good night, seeing how much my daughter gains from these experiences.” Camberly Morawa’s father said.

The Morawas have always been a musical family and by having their daughter attend a dance program after graduation keeps their tradition strong, Mr. Morawa said.

Camberly Morawa, a 26-year-old, decided to join Saddleback’s dance program after having already transferred out of the community college. She came back to be a part of what she has always enjoyed: dance.

“It is a well put, super program, and creative, since there is students from all levels, each contributes differently. It must be good since I came back to school even after graduating,” Camberly said.

Rabecca Woodruff, a 20-year-old broadcast journalism major, was able to share a good night with friends, what with this semester being her last at Saddleback as well as her last year participating in the Winterdance.

“I love the connection between the students and choreographer. It feels like a real or even better dance show than any of those on TV,” Woodruff said. “We actually communicate amongst each other and come up with greater ideas with the turnout of an awesome learning experience.”

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