USC alumni form Moonchild and perform at the McKinney Theatre

The neo-soul band Moonchild originated from the University of Southern California School of Jazz and has opened for Stevie Wonder at a previous performance. The group performed at the McKinney Theatre at Saddleback College on Sunday Feb. 9.

“We’ve been a band for almost three years, but we’ve been playing together for six years,” said their lead vocalist, Amber Navran. “We were all students in the USC [University of Southern California] School of Jazz together.”

The group consists of five musicians, who are all in their twenties: Max Bryk, Ben Rose, Nick Campbell, Andris Mattson and Amber Navran.

Utilizing an array of instruments from the keyboard to the saxophone. They played eight songs, one of which was their first single, “Be Free,” and another song inspired by the Planet Earth series, “Ocean Deep.”

The young band is currently scheduled to perform at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on March 4 but wouldn’t mind performing earlier somewhere in Los Angeles.

“We’re next show is scheduled in San Francisco next month, but we’re currently looking for a gig in LA,” Navran said.

Their current album, Be Free , was released in April of 2012. Their next album will be coming out in March of 2014.

“It’s very similar to our first one, except that there are more live strings in it,” Navran said.

For more information on Moonchild, check out there website at

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