Symphony welcomes spring with Copeland masterpiece


Courtney Johnson

To celebrate the arrival of spring, symphony orchestra musicians, music faculty and applied music students from Saddleback College performed the orchestral masterpiece, “Appalachian Spring.”

Written in 1944 by American music composer Aaron Copland (1900-1990), the score was performed by instrumentalists from the music department who captivated a room filled with spectators last Thursday, April 9.

Gathered together in the Fine Arts building Room 110, students watched the 13 performers execute the musical piece. Saddleback is well known for its aspiring students and their achievements.

“[It was] very well put together,” said Antonio Dangond, 19, music. “You could tell the musicians spent a lot of time to bring out the spirit of the piece.”

Music Instructor Norman Weston provided a concert hour for the audience.

“I liked the contrast between the two sections of Dr. Weston’s piece,” said Samara Rice, 19, music composition.

The fine arts department at Saddleback is an excellent example of students’ accomplishments.

After the performance, musicians expressed their pride in their work.

“I feel the concert went very well,” said Lauren Daba, 22, music, one of the performers. Daba, who has played the violin since the fourth grade, said she “plans on playing music [her] whole life.”

Some of the performers have big plans for their future.

“My plan after Saddleback, in two years, is to audition for the Paris Conservatory,” said Mat Ward, 19, violin performance.

Copland wrote an array of concert music from folk to modern in addition to conducting pieces for film. The passion of his historical piece was shown throughout its performance, as well as demonstrating the talent of the musicians playing it.

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