Saddleback College Art Gallery depicts art of California landscapes

(Don Congjuico)

Anibal Santos-Maldonado




“Horizons,” the landscape group-themed art exhibit, opened on Thursday in the Saddleback College Art Gallery for its artist reception. 

The opening featured appearances from five out of six artists featured in the show: Paul Bond, Deborah Davidson, Rick J. Delanty, Robin Hall and Mark Jacobucci made appearances.

Artist Lee Munsell was not able to attend the show.

The show’s theme is the landscape and coast of California. Most of the works are of oil or acrylic media. 

Featured Artist Rick J. Delanty had two works in the exhibition. His work incorporates spiritual undertones.

“The basic point I’m making in my paintings are they are supernatural, and that means that they have something in this earth … something in them,” Delanty said. “That there is something in them that there is more to that because, like life, there is more to this.” 

Deborah Davidson, has works which have a strong surrealist influence. Two of her paintings feature figures juggling circles or attempting to enter a large circle using a unicycle. 

Circles were a common element in Davidson’s paintings, which helps to set her apart from other artist’s paintings.   

According to Davidson, meditation is the meaning behind the circles in many of her paintings. 

“A lot of the things I’m doing right now are circle-orientated,” Davidson said. “A lot of them have to do with balance and lessons of life, they are literally more than a person balancing themselves on a unicycle.”

Robin Hall was one of few artists to feature artwork that was based on observation rather than surrealist imaginary work.

She believes artists have an important responsibility to the viewer.

“In reality we are all self-taught because we have to pick and choose the information that we want and we have to work at it,” Hall said. “We are the ones ultimately responsible for how we want to paint and what we want to interpret to the audience.”

“Horizons” will be open to the audience Monday through Wednesday from noon to 4 p.m., and on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. until Nov. 15.

The gallery will also be open on Saturday Nov. 3.

Admission is free for students and the general audience.        



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