‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is guilty of being a great film

David Gutman

“The Lincoln Lawyer” delivers cinema justice in a spectacular courtroom drama. Matthew McConaughey plays the slick, larger-than-life lawyer Mickey Haller, possibly taking on the case of his life.

Going into the movie I was expecting a two-and-a- half hour long trip towards boredom but I was pleasantly surprised by the terrific acting and witty dialogue from all members of the cast. film portrayed the plight of a man who typically holds all of the cards as part of his job, but suddenly finds himself without a deck to play.

Originally a novel by crime author Michael Connelly, the screen version boasted more plot twists than a pretzel, without becoming gratuitous or boring.

The title is a reference to the fact that the character of Haller is driven around in a black Lincoln Sedan with the licence plate of NTGUILTY for most of the movie.

The movie opens with Haller accepting a case of a well-off young man named Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe) who is charged with attempted rape and assault of a young woman. Roulet pleads his innocence, claiming that he is being set-up so the so-called-victim can sue him for his fortune. From this set-up the plot takes tumultuous turns to keep the audience guessing.

McConaughey played one of his most dynamic roles with Haller. Slick, expensive, and likable is Haller’s style. For example, a secondary client stopped paying for the legal fees that are due to Haller, and naturally Haller turns the tables on his drug dealing client.

“Your Honor, I would appreciate it if we can halt these proceedings until next week. I’m currently waiting for a witness, a Mr. Green,” said Haller referencing the lack of money paid to him. Soon the client gives him the money due to him.

McConaughey shifted constantly throughout the movie, one scene he is the expensive lawyer that can get the job done with no problem, the next scene he is compassionate when he meets with a prostitute that hires him every time she is caught and arrested. Haller keeps encouraging her to give up her life as a prostitute, and even working on her cases pro-bono.

Whenever I thought that the story was resolved and the movie was over, another scene comes along to keep me in my seat. It’s these little twists and turns that made this movie great for me and hopefully it will have the same effect for other people seeing this movie.

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