Local Eats: Sushi Plantation

Keith Cousins

Diving head first into the world of sushi can be a daunting task. Sushi Plantation, located just minutes away from Saddleback College, alleviates the unknown element of sushi, delivering unique creations that are a culinary treat.

Sushi Plantation opened on Jan. 12, 2006 by a veteran of the industry, who was just as excited about making sushi in Orange County as his new-found clientele were about eating it.
Owner and Chef Yamamoto already owned a sushi restaurant in Long Beach, but his ultimate goal was to start a location in Orange County.

“People know a lot more about sushi in Orange County,” Yamamoto said. “It’s the perfect place for a sushi restaurant.”

This, however, also means a lot more competition: from Marguerite and Crown Valley down to Avery and Marguerite, there are four sushi restaurants. But with constant attention to innovation and creativity, Yamamoto and the other sushi chefs at Sushi Plantation quickly made the restaurant become the place for great sushi in the area.

“It’s a lot like bartending,” Yamamoto said. “You choose what fish to use and then what sauce works well with that fish, and you keep building and adding until it is a finished product.”
With an arsenal of original sauces and combinations, the chefs create a wide variety of rolls catered to any taste. The fish is always fresh, and original rolls such as “Sunrise on Avery” and “Don’t Ask Me How” tantalize the taste buds and leave you wanting more.

“It’s just fresh and yummy,” said Sara Matthess, 21, nursing. “The staff is always friendly, the food is always good, and I’m pretty much addicted.”

Wary of the economic crisis and the fact that consumers are trying to save money, the Sushi Plantation has a recent incentive to get customers coming back to their restaurant. If you pay with cash, they will deduct 30 percent from your meal, as long as it exceeds a certain dollar amount, depending on the size of your party.

Friendly staff, including chefs that take the time to get to know and talk to patrons, makes Sushi Plantation an instant favorite amongst new visitors. You’ll want to come back, because they are passionate about what they do and have fun doing it, all the while bringing you into their world.

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